Roof Painting

Roof coatings are not just about aesthetics. Your roof is the most important barrier to the elements protecting your biggest asset… your home or building. Roof maintenance through recoating can significantly increase the lifetime of your roof whether its coloursteel, concrete tile or other. Wayne Bowden Painters roof coating doesn’t just involve painting. We will address any superficial rust issues, replace missing roof fixings (particularly in older roofs), replace mortar on concrete tile roofs, fix small holes and use a heavy duty epoxy primer when necessary. Occasionally you will be better off to replace your roof and we will always be upfront with you about this before we proceed with any work. It’s not just about maintenance though… your roof is a big feature of your home and can alter the look dramatically. Whether it’s a change of colour scheme to your home or modernisation we can also assist you with free colour consultation. WBP use best-in-market products with the latest in technologies and equipment to deliver you the best result. If you want to experience the kind of quality that has kept customers coming back for over 30 years then give us a call.

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