Do you enjoy beautiful spaces that are done well? Do you somehow feel better when the right colours mix on areas you love most, say your kitchen or your living room?

paint brush with blue pain in a white wall

One of the struggles in creating a great design when painting is being overly meticulous or too constrained by budgets. This can turn into dissatisfaction when things are not as expected. Using proven professional painters in NZ could save you more time and take away all the stress. Professional painter can assist in choosing the right colour, paint system and finish, for your home or commercial needs.

Deciding to pick up the brush yourself provides unexpected challenges, and so does finding professional painters. You may think you have professionals, based on the online appearance, only to find out they are not professional at all. Instead, they provide you with unexpected expenses, delayed completion times, unreliability and terrible communication.

Allow us to share some things to consider when hiring professional painters in New Zealand.

1. Create a Plan

This will save time and resources in creating a detailed plan for your home or commercial painting service needs. Let’s start answering the list of questions to kickstart your plan.

  • What is your estimated budget for this painting service?
  • Do you have a target start date for your needs?
  • What is the scope area you want to paint for this project?
  • What are your terms and condition in this painting service?

With the help of these questions, you can quickly prepare your plan before searching for the right painting contractors in your area.

2. Search for Painters

Once you have set your detailed plan, it’s time for you to do some research. Start by typing your “zip code” and the keywords “Professional Painters in NZ,” check their website, client rating, and testimonials. You also ask for referrals from your family, friends, and colleagues for reliable and trustworthy contractors. The important points to check are their work experiences and scope. In addition, input all the necessary information in a spreadsheet, including their contact details, to contact them easily. If you are conscious of the effect on the environment then look into the paint and application methodologies of the companies. All good painting companies in NZ should have a Resene Eco Decorator certification or equivalent. This certifies that the company has been audited and has proven that their paint and application methods meet sustainability standards.

guy spray painting in white suit and white cap

3. Request Quotes

After you’ve collected and checked all the listed best painting contractors in the NZ area, choose at least three contractors. After, request a quote based on your set detailed plan. Once done, do a comparative analysis of the cost, terms, and conditions, and most importantly, the warranty protection.

4. Check and Sign the Contract

We often neglect reading the terms and conditions. For your and your contractor’s peace of mind, check it first before signing the contract. It is a binding record that could either make or break you. These 4 simple tips should give you a well-qualified professional painter in NZ.  Now you can sit back and let the professionals do all the hard work.

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