Sand blasting Services

Our Sand blasting Services were developed within our company due to the high demand of reliable, good quality steel preparation work needed for our commercial coating departments. It is now a stand alone department that meets our standards of integrity, quality and reliability.

When would I need to use Sandblasting Services within the Construction Industry?
Removing rust and contaminants on old steel structures is the main reason for needing Sand Blasting Services. It’s a very efficient way to prep steel for a variety of different Coating options and is often a preparation requirement for Intumescent application.

Sand Blasting – How does is work?
Sand blasting is when you force a strong stream of abrasive product against a surface. This will change the surface texture and finish. This technique can be used to make a rough surface smooth, a smooth surface rough, it can remove unwanted layers on a surface and can even reshape certain surface edges.

Below are some of our certifications, feel free to talk to us further about all our other certifications and qualifications

FireZone products are Zone’s latest generation of fire resistant coatings to achieve fire ratings on combustible substrates and comply with the NZBC.

Phoenix is a global player in the development and manufacture of corrosion and fire protection coatings for steel.

When you need an intumescent coating for timber, Resenes Fireshield has clear and pigmented systems to suit your project.