You’ve probably been thinking about getting your house repainted for a while. You know it will make a huge difference to the feel of your home, but you’re worried that there might be some problems when you get the work done. One of the most common worries about getting a residential painter in Auckland was having a finished project that looks like a 5-year-old painted it. You need to avoid this, so how do you ensure it doesn’t happen?


Guide to Checking the Output of Your Residential Painters in Auckland

Hiring residential painters in Auckland to give your home a makeover is a great way to relax… but if you are not familiar with the quality of work it pays to stay involved until you are confident they are going to carry out the work to your expected standard. 

Here are some things you can do to check that your residential painters in Auckland have done an excellent job:

  1. Areas, where paint is applied, should be prepared correctly first. All surfaces should be clean and healthy before any paint is applied. If there are any flaking areas of old paint, these should be removed so that your new paint looks even once it has dried. Any rotting wood needs to be removed and replaced by appropriate professionals. It’s often the painter who will find such issues if they are stripping old paint and a professional painter will make sure to share and accommodate the time needed for you to resolve any issue with you before painting commences. 
  2. Most residential painters in Auckland will make sure that the surface of your home is dry and smooth before painting it. After drying, you can inspect the surface for lumps or bumps. If there are any and the painter has not yet begun to paint, you should ask them to sand them down so that they do not affect how well the paint will stick to your home’s surface.
  3. If you have chosen an oil-based finish for your house’s exterior, you should make sure that it has completely dried before starting the painting process. This could take several hours, depending on what type of finish.
  4. If your residential painters in Auckland have suggested using a water-based finish instead, then you should make sure that they have used a primer first so that the paint will stay on longer.
  5. If painters are applying paint around areas where the paint should not be – such as on window frames or skirting boards – then masking tape should be used to protect these areas
  6. It is always good to check your house painter’s work before paying them. Even if you think that the paint job is perfect, you can still find some flaws with careful observation.

Painting your house is not an easy job; therefore, paying attention when selecting residential painters in Auckland is essential. They should be able to provide you with references from previous clients who were satisfied with their work to ensure that they can.

That’s why it’s essential to take the time to check up on your hired residential painters in Auckland. Make sure everything’s gone according to plan—and make sure your paint job will last.

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