The days went by fast and as we are just mostly at home, we’re pretty sure you’ve noticed every detail at your house, especially, your paint colours and other things that need to be replaced or refurbished. 

Choosing the best paint colours for your house or your room tells a lot about you. Colours can convey your personality; can boost your mood; can also give high appraisal should you decide to sell your house, and more. also agrees that finding the best colours can help stir up positive emotions. Therefore, you should pick the right combination of colours that will be perfect for your personality and for all seasons.  

How To Do It?

First, you have to come up with a concept and stick with it. It will be costly if you decide to change or stop in the middle of painting.  Sure you can come up with eclectic design, where a lot of inspirations are rolled into one, but this is extremely hard to pull off. An experienced designer may have difficulty in pulling this off, much more a neophyte. The rule of thumb is to use the half tone. This is the safest way to play with paint colours. For the colour trends for 2021, Benjamin Moore came up with a nude-like teal colour. It has a bright and joyful feel but a toned down one that will go well with any of your design inspirations. Sherwin-Williams, on the other hand, chose a terracotta colour for a more warm take to paint. Both paint colours are earthy in undertones and would fit a laid back interior design style but can also stretch to a classy modern look, depending on how you add up the furniture and accessories. 

At Wayne Bowden Painters, we are not just trustworthy and easy to work with, we also provide an extensive range of creativity in choosing the right colours for your homes. So, here are the best paint colours for your house this year or years to come.

Earth-tone colours

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You can never go wrong with earth or natural colours: brown, green, blue sky, and even red.

Any room or house with any of these shades stands out and looks classy!  These colour palettes can create a warm, nature-feels ambiance. So, if you’re a creative person or need a place where you can always feel joyful, choose this colour for your house or room. 


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In colour psychology,  the colour yellow indicates brightness, warmth, energy, and attention. However, according to most designers, yellow can be difficult to the eyes due to its high amount of light. While this colour may evoke strong emotions, it is best to come up with a concept or a peg first. This way, you’d be able to save time and resources should you decide this colour isn’t for you.

Black, White, and Gray

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These colour palettes when mixed together makes everything look elegant.  If you’re a laid-back type of person, who doesn’t like cluttered areas, it would be best to lean your paint colours toward modern minimalist palettes like black, gray, and white. This colour combination is classic and will always be part of the traditional way of designing or painting your house or rooms. It is also easy to replace should you decide to paint something funky or a more conservative approach. 

Olive or Teal Green

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This colour variation of blue, green, and white promotes calming and clarity just like other green blue, which is associated with nature and water. This colour is versatile as it can be painted any location, whether for a beach house or for your urban house.

Different strokes for different folks

Colour may make or break your room. Most make a mistake of trying to choose their paint colour as what they have seen on TV or in the magazine. Yes, this media is a good source of inspiration, but it is extremely tricky to choose exactly the same colour as your inspirational room. Most often than not they end up having a room with a colour too dull or too bright for what they expected. What most people do not consider is that these rooms as featured in TV’s and magazines are designed by professionals such as Architects and Interior designers, not to mention lighting was enhanced further by a very able photographer. But, do not lose hope, we can still come up with a beautiful room even if we do not have that much money, all we need is a sprinkle of imagination and a bowl full of resourcefulness, and an email to us!

Wayne Bowden Painters are trustworthy, certified, and professional painters you can hire not only to paint your house but also to give insights on great colour combinations. Visit our website